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Ann Stalwick is a highly experienced and dedicated real estate agent who loves her career and works tirelessly for her clients. Ann is associated with NELA Homes, a family run real estate and development company with over 30 years of experience connecting homebuyers and sellers in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA), while promoting the area’s natural beauty and preserving its historic architecture.


Ann is an expert at selling residential, multi-unit residential and commercial properties throughout all of Southern California. Ann knows and appreciates all types of California architecture and design from Historic Homes to Ultra Modern Lofts. Ann would love to help you buy or lease a home anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area, or to sell or lease the home you already own.


* Starter Homes
* Historic Homes
* Dream Homes
* Investment Property
* Rentals
* Leases
* Short Sales
* Bank Owned

Ann Stalwick
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